First Tomatoes!!

first-tomatoes it’s now 105 degrees in Cambria. i know this isn’t anything unusual in lots of places. places 20 minutes away from here frequently reach these temperatures but here on the coast this is… not usual. i spied some furry movement in the central garden and went out to investigate after checking the whereabouts of all our furry creatures. easily done since both outside beasts are laying in the shade. stunned and queen lu is in her scaredy spot. where she lays when she knows the dishwasher will soon be after her for a bath.

it was the phantom cat that lives in our yard. she/he is very skittish and won’t ever let me near. a pretty little thing white with a striped tail. she took off towards the hill and when i turned to run back into the house before i burst into flames i found…

the first little tomatoes from the tomato tree! they aren’t even fully ripe yet but i’ve had my eye on these two watching as the first blush of orange appeared near their stems so when i turned the red literally screamed out to me amongst all that green. i wonder how i’ll know when the green zebras are ready? maybe i’ll just wait for the cat to show up again.

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