san francisco


this is where i escaped to this week in sf. the hotel tomo.
six things i love about this hotel.

1. it’s relatively quiet as it’s in japantown and most of the shops close early and open late and there are no bars or clubs in the neighborhood.

2. all the rooms have these anime murals in them. like this one…


it wraps around the wall to this…

3. the curtains…


4. the bean bag chairs.

5. the fact that english is the least heard language in the lobby or restaurant.

6. the room is big enough to accommodate a  yoga mat.

i did my usual rounds in town. first stop SCRAP where i found enough fabric to keep me busy for about a year. ok maybe a couple of months if i hit an obsessive streak which i tend to do when there is cool fabric on the shelf. i hit the thrift store where i found an alabama chanin jacket for $7. i missed tanpopo for a bowl of noodles because i went and had a thai massage here instead! felt like they took my body apart scraped and cleaned off all the gunk polished it and put it back together so it fits nicer and moves smoothly. thank you baby jesus! i did manage to have my bowl of cha-ya delight on my way out of town.


an excellent trip
the homecoming was even better.

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