last weeks two old movies:

From Here to Eternity 
Dead Reckoning with Humphrey Bogart 

people were much much smaller once upon a time.  except for Ernest Borgnine who seemed to be the only normal looking guy.  Frank Sinatra, Humphrey,  Burt Lancaster.  they all had 24 inch waists.  and Deborah Kerr and the other dame… Lizabeth Scott.  20inch maybe?  

in Dead Reckoning Humphrey Bogart’s character tells the dame that he thinks women should be small enough to put in a man’s pocket and taken out and made normal again at his whim.  she took this to mean that he wanted to protect and love her. or so she said.  she did try to kill him in the end.  oops!  hope i didn’t spoil it for anyone.

From Planting Along The Verge


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