of course i didn’t think it was dangerous

to drape my freshly knitted and still damp from “blocking” scarf on my electric heater…

i was just going into the house for a minute but then i got distracted.  realized the clothes needed to be put in the dryer and i got hungry so i had to heat up the noodles scottie made the night before and then the phone rang and then i went back out to the studio and smelled scorched fiber!  
two giant scorch marks on my pure white mohair scarf.  blast!  i thought to save it by throwing it in a black dye bath even though it’s a synthetic fiber i knew it would at least stain.  and stain it did, to a beautiful lavender color but the two giant scorch marks are still quite visible.  think i’ll try a brown dye next.  or i could try making the scorch marks the star of the show and add some more with a really hot iron.


i’ve been thinking about my friend Katherine whom i haven’t seen or heard from in a long time.  strange as she always calls every few months with reports of life on the road.  i’m starting to worry a little.  i found this label in a box of sewing paraphernalia she gave me a long time ago.  it was her mom’s.  she sewed them into all of Katherine’s dresses.  

From Planting Along The Verge

the pin is one i made a while ago. 


  1. now you might have unraveled the whole thing before you started fussing around with the dye…. what on earth else can you do? embroider the dog over the spots? sew a barbie leg on?
    you seem to have rather a bad record with burning things..didn't you set fire to Thanksgiving once? Are you starting a pattern here? oh dear, oh dear…


  2. you're right Melissa, unraveling may be the right thing to do and since i'm loving this lavender color i think that's what i'll do.
    thank you!!

    i do have a bad record with fire and i'm pretty paranoid about it, always checking i've unplugged the laptop and the heater etc. so the scarf fiasco proves that paranoia is not enough. i need constant supervision.


  3. I remember a time when I was anxious (I AM NOT SAYING THAT YOU ARE) and I would find myself leaving an empty pot on the stove, etc. after the third thing, I got a hold of myself..
    Chris downstairs just bought a heater because they are trying not to use oil and it's worrisome.. but otherwise he sits there with a coat and hat…


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