March 22, 2010
We spent the weekend feathering the nest, cleaning and re-arranging things. One of the benefits of this is the re-discovery of things put away and forgotten for the most part. Our nest is…cozy, not much wall space for all the art we have to hang and though I like to think about rotating our art, some pieces I just can’t bear to put away.
This quilt is not one of those pieces. I actually put this one away right after finishing it and didn’t look at it again. I hated it because it’s so wobbly, it won’t hang straight on the wall, however it has some of my favorite little embroideries and I haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. That is until this weekend we had to move some things around and there was a bare spot and this was the easiest thing to get to and the colors were just right…

so it’s a little wobbly.

so am I.


I'm listening

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