March 24,2010
I had one of those dreams this morning. It seemed terribly important that I remember it but the more awake I became, the further away the details. In it I visited with acquaintances from what seems like long ago, when our family was intact, acquaintances I now shy away from to avoid my awkwardness but, I digress. In the dream these people were the ones suffering and they shared it with me freely and afterward I was a little stunned and sitting at a bar with Scott and some other people and he brought me a beer. A beer? “Really, a beer?” I asked him. I don’t drink beer.  Then I was talking to a strange woman who could have been a man but she wasn’t she was a retired cop and she told me something important that I can’t remember. Of course. 
I’m putting in a request for whoever is in charge of my dreams.
Let me in! 


I'm listening

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