March 28, 2010

What’s blooming in the garden right now:

Wisteria, Lilies, 
Cerinthe, Abutilon, Pineapple sage (but not very much), Lavender, Primroses...
Vast amounts of weeds have been pulled. The green waste bin is bursting at the seams and still there are mounds in the garden that will have to wait until next week. My back, she’s screaming. I will be going to Dr crunch tomorrow, I’ve waited long enough.  
I cut back and dug up one of the lavenders in the back garden and planted it in the driveway where I hope it will live long and prosper. My plan was originally to line the entire driveway with Hydrangea and I’ve got a couple going already but I think the Lavender and the Fortnight Lily which I’ve also got transplanted and established will do nicely since I have a real aversion to watering that spot and low maintenance seems the logical solution.
It wasn’t all hard work…


  1. Best feet-in-hammock picture EVER! Your garden looks delightfully quirky. I particularly love the colorful shed. As for collard greens, they're the best part. I don't care to eat greens that have to be cooked, at least I've never found a good way to cook them. But I love watching them bolt! I've actually got mustard seeds from my mustard greens.


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