March 28, 2010

Hot Dang, The Dishwasher’s done it again!

I found Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home cookbook at the library on Friday.  The man is a genius. He makes a real pretty book and Himself made a couple of the recipes yesterday (see asparagus and poached eggs with pancetta!!!) we will be buying this book.

I’ve been practicing some Ikebana.  Heaven, Earth and Humanity all represented in the above very informal arrangement.

And here:

The new trick learned here was to cut the flowers underwater. I’d heard this before but never bothered with it. I see its value now, that purple vine is a Hardenbergia which I’ve used before and always had it look like small purple raisins by the next morning. Here it is looking fresh and beautiful on day two.

The Lair went up this week and Lu didn’t waste any time getting her freak on.  Miss Thing loves the Lair maybe more than we do. She lets the curtains dancing on the breeze caress and pet her and she becomes…altered.  Her face stretches out, she moves very slowly, limbs trembling as she makes her way around the perimeter. It’s something to see.
Then she starts class

We call this one Upward facing Frog
urdhva mukha  bheka


I think I’ve almost got it.


  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you… for the sweet trip to “softcolorserenity-with- wafting-curtains” land.
    Having just returned from the wilds of LAX, I'm ready to stretch out in the open frog position and dream of moonstones on the beach.
    You are loved. a


  2. Paradise is looking beautiful down south. Thanks for sharing the photos. You make me want to eat better (did make home-made sushi last night and wish you and Scott could have been here to imbibe) and your dog makes me want to stretch.
    love, Mary


  3. oh, that is the most gorgeous asparagus i've ever seen!
    and that fabulous dog……and then next to the person I assume is your fabulous self..
    this was such a treat..
    thanks you…


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