May 4, 2010

The old doll house sewing room had all the necessary accoutrement including beautiful light streaming in through the window as well as an old Singer sewing machine and best of all, a dress form.  I am currently in a mad state of sewing by hand yes of course and on the machine. Yesterday I made myself a pair of leggings and have several other projects on the table cut and ready to go. My mind is way ahead of my hands.  

I am coveting a sewing mannequin.
I’m pretty sure one will show up one day as these things tend to do.  


  1. oh, I used a very old sewing machine with a treadle that I worked with my feet…tucked in the dining room when i was a kid… It was black with gold swirls or something that and so satisfying for making what must have been doll clothes..
    I tossed out my heavy sewing machine not that long ago, deciding “Never, never, never, never again,” but those machines are so enticing.
    I used to make all my clothes,…those dresses that snapped and tied and opened when I moved, that I hated to finish…back in the 70's…
    it's so nice that you've made your work from cloth, thread, needles, sewing machines or not..


  2. Melissa I have had a couple of those black and gold beauties and miss them terribly!

    I use Adobe Photoshop CS2 and I really don't know what I'm doing there, just playing around with the most basic layering.


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