May 12, 2010

Lu has a new hidey spot in the garden.  She goes and sits there for an hour or two every day. She’s genius at finding inanimate things that will pet her, like that vine. If she moves her head just right she can get a good tickle.  One of her other favorites are the chairs which are the perfect height for back scratching and since there are four around the table she makes a few rounds and gets that spot just right, and there is always the lair and the curtains…

Everything is in bloom and all the veggies are settled in and growing and already providing, the salad greens are amazingly fast growers.  The Thai basil, the one plant that I thought didn’t make it is showing signs of life.

Maybe I can get some pictures soon.  It’s mostly too sunny for pictures lately and when dusk rolls around I’m busy in the kitchen trying to put something edible together for dinner.  I’m having some trouble with that as of late.  It may have something to do with
all of this


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