May 17, 2010

Finally some crappy weather to take pictures by…

First up, the front walk way. Blouzy in pink and purple. A few seeds of Cerinthe is all it took to fill this bed.  There is a Hydrangea hidden beneath all this mess but I’m not concerned that it will be smothered since the Cerinthe is almost done, just in time for the Hydrangea to bloom.

The pink frothy stuff is Jupiter’s Beard and the just starting to pop Iceberg rose in the back along with Love-in-a-mist, Allium and the orange spots (bottom left) are Calendula

It’s an out of control, on it’s own sort of bed. We’ve tended it but pretty much let it go where it wants to. A satisfying approach in the garden but I don’t recommend it as a parenting style.

Futher down the walk way…

More Jupiter’s Beard and a Mutabalis Rose with thorns so lethal there is no way to weed out the tall grass growing in and around it.

The pink party continues out back…

This was not a conscious plan you see.  All this pink…just happened.  Take those pink snapdragons, I never planted those and the pink rose in the center came with the house as did the Jupiter’s Beard. I’m not complaining. I now love pink!
But to relieve the eye, further back in the yard lives the beast that is NOT pink…

Do I say it every year? I’ll have to go back and check.  This year’s Buff Beauty show is unreal.  More blossoms than leaves.
On a quieter note…
The veg bed is coming along.  We’ve already harvested a few salads and we’ve got blossoms on the tomato already, something that usually takes much longer. I have high hopes for the cauliflower.  There are some bare spots to fill with more greens I think since that’s mostly what we like to eat.
60% chance of rain today. Yay!


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