July 6, 2010

Fuschia by the hammock, gets so little light under the maple and yet it blooms and dances in it’s pretty pink dress. It gives me hope.

That, and the Hydrangea in the pot on the back deck, stuck there last year while I waited out the paint job on the house, thinking I’d plant it there and have the driveway lined in blowzy blossoms come the end of summer. Instead it made itself a home in that pot and there it will stay.

Our weekend trip to Sin City gave me ideas.
Look at this craziness…

unlike everything else in Vegas, those plants are real. In pots! Millions of them in little plastic pots so even the giant ants can’t do much damage. Now I’m sorry I tossed all those black plastic pots! 
The tomato and cauliflower live on and now will be joined by other plants dug into the ground and planted in plastic pots. Take that gophers! 

I'm listening

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