July 7, 2010

Wednesday already? 
We went to Las Vegas last weekend
and jumped right back into normal life. 

Like that can even happen.

Las Vegas was as awe inspiring as any sunrise, sunset, purple mountain majesty. Humanity in all its gory beauty.  
I loved it.

I actually wish we had more time to spend just being there, looking. It went by so fast, trying to catch up years with my boy. He is a gem.

We ate and drank and talked and went to see this…

A Komodo dragon.
and this…

Elvis at the Peggy Sue Diner in Yermo.

They also have a Dino Saur Park out back in addition to a gift shop selling ceramic Superman cookie jars. So if you need one…

 I want to thank the Dishwasher for being such a sport and taking me to Peggy Sue’s Diner where he sat patiently watching me eat and then walked through the gift shop with me.  

This man, he’s a rock.


  1. Komodo, Elvis, Peggy Sue & The Dishwasher….some kind of segue….thanks for the smiles!

    Woohoo…now I know where to get that Superman cookie jar!!!
    I've got a great recipe for “earthquake cookies”….
    let me know if you want it!



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