June 9, 2010
I took a stroll through the garden this morning…

The hydrangea in front of the lair is looking pretty gorgeous. I love how the flowers open, each little bud opening one at a time until shabam! it’s a giant ball of pink.

The bird bath bed is pretty sorry looking except for the sweet peas. The gophers loved the lettuce but very kindly left the sweet peas and the cerinthe which looks raggedy just now but will soon drop it’s seeds for next year.


The tool box is in bloom as are all the succulents I transplanted from various cuttings gathered around town. These things are remarkably easy to propagate and basically carefree. They could use a bit of a clean up, note the spider web and seed head perched on the left.

The fortnight lily also in bloom and here is another generous self sower. After the flower comes a pod and when the time is right it explodes sending millions of little seeds everywhere and though I love this plant it can get too big for it’s britches.
The jasmine on both arbors is loaded with blossoms and filling the whole yard with the most intoxicating fragrance imaginable. If I was crazier I’d gather those blossoms and try my hand at extracting it’s perfume.
The plum tree is loaded with almost ripened fruit. Must find recipes!

And finally, the cauliflower.
I’m calling this a failure. Each and every one I planted did this weird separating thing. I’ve no idea what went wrong. Other than I just lost the gardening mojo somewhere. I have no interest in planting, weeding or cleaning. Lately it’s been cold and gray and when the sun does show up it’s only for a minute.
I’m not blaming the weather entirely for my lack of interest but it isn’t helping.
Dude,Where’s my summer? 

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