July 12, 2010

I broke the spell. 
A little.
I went to the nursery in town and bought mulch for the front yard, as the earth has been scorched up there and the bare dirt was more than I could stand.  
The nursery in town, though beautiful and well stocked is over priced. I think almost $50 is too much for a couple bags of mulch and a couple plants even if they do carry it out to your truck. 
Also that’s just too much money to spend on gopher food.

The two bags only covered the front bed, I’ll have to get more, mulch, at the evil Home Despot to do the rest. 

I decided to go ahead and run my little planting in pots experiment on the one bed the gophers have not invaded, so I pulled out the deformed cauliflower but left the pretty purple Sweet Peas and added a Purple Pentstemon, not in it’s pot, (it’s the one being sacrificed like the guest actor in Star Trek) and some Calibrachoa and a Gaura with variegated leaves, all in pots.  We’ll see how that turns out.

Tearful slashed the sides and bottoms of the pots without losing any fingers. I’ll need mulch for this bed too.  

I took some pictures of gardens in town on our walk this morning.

The Ollalieberry Inn’s garden is looking great these days, and so is the Dentist’s house…

Always looks neat and beautiful, and I’ve never seen anyone tending it. They must have night gnomes.

The roses manage to bloom under the shade of the trees, though they are a bit rangy. Still, no black spot or rust.

I remain hopeful the ennui has passed and that I will plant something again… 


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