July 14, 2010

After almost a week of knitting and un-knitting the same four rows, I have finally devised a way to keep track of my stitches. I tried the life line method of threading a piece of yarn through a row as a safeguard, it did me no good. 
 I tried a being here now meditation method, speaking my stitches aloud and staying with the rhythm of the pattern, an intense focus, and still, I’d be short at the end of the row! 
I found my knitting to be just the same as practicing meditation. The monkey mind drifts, and though I can coax it back, I can’t be sure I did the proper yo sl1 psso1 yo while I was away.

I finally decided to mark my place in the pattern as I knit with a piece of thread and stop every 7 stitch pattern repeat and count to make sure I haven’t skipped.

Tedious but not AS tedious as ripping it all apart. 


Summer arrived today!


I'm listening

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