July 19, 2010
The Mojo has returned.
We hit the nursery this weekend and tackled big projects. Projects that seemed too daunting to imagine are now crossed off the list, but there are always more.

The biggest one was cutting back and digging up the Mutabalis rose outside Em’s bedroom window.
I didn’t think it could be done without bloodshed as that rose doesn’t have thorns, it has talons and it will do you damage. Enter Tearful with chain saw.
Mutabalis has now been relocated
to the wine barrel in the back and though it has been severely cut back, I know it will recover.
In it’s place are apricot colored Foxgloves and pink Penstemmon with Santa Barbara Daisies. It has lightened and opened up that space and will be beautiful once it fills in.

Santa Barbara Daisies and Nasturtiums gone native in the back.

Sweet Peas…



Pots under the Maple disguising the gopher’s game of Dig up the Tulip bulbs.

Peruvian Lilys, Lychnis and Scabiosa.

Buddha at the pond.

Abutilon and succulent shoes.

Grilla relocated.

Gnome relocated.

New Geranium.

New and favorite score
Ballerina Purple
Angel’s Trumpet. 
The Alien.


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