December 31, 1969
That’s the date the laptop says it is and I kind of believe it because the world is upside down today.
This morning Lu asked to go out before noon…
not her usual routine.

I let her out and then…
I got pulled into photoshop world and she sat out there huddled by the back door forever in the pouring rain waiting patiently like she does, for someone to open the door. 
She never ever barks, instead she uses her Super Bulldog Telepathy (SBT)
to let me know she wants something and it almost always works.

To make up for this egregious over site she let herself up on the slanket. 

Slanket time does not normally occur until dinner is over, the dishes are washed and put away and we are all settled in our places with books or remotes. That’s when slanket time happens.

But not today…
Today it’s Slanket time RIGHT NOW and probably all day long.

here are my newly felted slippers. 


  1. I'm lucky that my dog barks, they both do. And they don't wait more than a second or two before the alert sounds.
    That picture of Lulu on her slanket is so cozy and adorable – she knows she earned her time there – and i love those slippers. Beautiful.

    Happy New Year Yolie.

    love, Deirdre


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