It’s count down time.

Mixed feelings.

I can’t wait to get home but when I think about leaving…
my tiny heart feels like it might crack in two.
and I’m going to miss the ending of Eva Luna. Will that evil woman who
always wears the one glove get her comeuppance? and why the one glove?

I made vegan cinnamon buns yesterday. Of course I tweaked the recipe and of course they
taste like cinnamon flavored bricks but the day was perfect for spending in the kitchen. I also made lentil enchiladas. My poor Mom! I took pity and added cheese to hers. What a trooper! She’ll eat whatever dreadful thing I put in front of her with gratitude.

I’ve been playing with brushes on this little pad and learning all kinds of fun things. Here’s
one I call Deer Modigliani

From Drop Box


  1. deer modigliani:

    i miss you so super bad. your dog misses you. your house misses you. and we are all proud of you for being so selfless and good and loving and supportive.

    Everyone who knows you is a lucky duck.

    you can see some pictures of our walk on Lu's blog.

    l love you. I can't help it.


  2. Damn, you artists. You make me feel like something plants won't grow out of. But I love you for these images you send out like bursting buds in the spring from the fertile earth which you are made of.


  3. my husband, who speaks no spanish but is trying to learn some (rosetta stone)(i think you have to speak a bit of spanish if you want to live in florida) has been watching eva luna himself. i sit with him sometimes. no idea what's going on most of the time, but the drama!!!!!



  4. and the boobage!
    It's a good way to learn a language though.
    When I was learning Mandarin, that's what I did, watched
    Chinese soap operas. Same over the top drama without the tight fitting dresses.
    Hope you're enjoying this gorgeous Fl morning!


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