I think it may be time to go on home.

I’m ready!

Today we went to the farmer’s market and bought beets so my Mom can make juice.

On the menu this evening is Butternut squash and black bean chili. Yum.

We visited with my uncle and his wife this afternoon. Sad sad. She’s in the advanced
stages of MS and he is her caretaker which is completely horrifying since his grasp on this world is tenuous but he did show me all his instruments which he has been making for years, guitars, mandolins, violins, quatros and harps, none of which he has ever learned to play.

They are beautiful things.

Now I am going to lay on The Bemer, a German contraption my cousin sells. Sound like snake oil to me but you never can tell.

Here’s another collage, I think I’ve made about fifty of them, a new addiction!

From Drop Box


I'm listening

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