On the shelves…

We’re a pretty neat couple though you wouldn’t think it to look at our bookshelves. They are higgledy piggledy full of not only books and pictures but toys and other oddities we’ve collected through the years. It’s the one spot I hold hostage here in the nest. If it were up to Tearful all our books would be neatly tucked in these shelves alphabetically or by color or both, or better yet, by subject. He’s given it a shot once or twice but it eventually reverts to this pullulating foofaraw.  
While you might think you’d learn something about someone by peeking into their medicine cabinet,  I suggest looking at the bookshelf instead to gather some clues. If there is no bookshelf, excuse yourself politely and run away. People who don’t read scare me.
Although I do have a good friend who has not picked up a book since high school and she isn’t that scary.
So this morning, the light was good and
PS. That’s me and the beast during much happier days.

I'm listening

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