On the shelves…

We’re a pretty neat couple though you wouldn’t think it to look at our bookshelves. They are higgledy piggledy full of not only books and pictures but toys and other oddities we’ve collected through the years. It’s the one spot I hold hostage here in the nest. If it were up to Tearful all our books would be neatly tucked in these shelves alphabetically or by color or both, or better yet, by subject. He’s given it a shot once or twice but it eventually reverts to this pullulating foofaraw.  
While you might think you’d learn something about someone by peeking into their medicine cabinet,  I suggest looking at the bookshelf instead to gather some clues. If there is no bookshelf, excuse yourself politely and run away. People who don’t read scare me.
Although I do have a good friend who has not picked up a book since high school and she isn’t that scary.
So this morning, the light was good and
PS. That’s me and the beast during much happier days.


  1. Here are my thoughts: your books look not unlike what I have on my shelves and my shelves too, hold treasures and pictures. A natural pairing, I think.
    And also- The Beast looks like Little Opie Annie and her mother looks like the kind of woman whose beautiful eyes know far more than she admits.


  2. I always have piles of books at the foot of our bed. Those to read books and books to put away. I have books in cupboards as this house did not have shelves..bummer. My kids rooms were always filled with books that for the most we still have. Many are packed for when they can have them in their homes but one bedroom has all our favorite children's books. I find such comfort and peace with them there. Such good memories of reading to my children for naptime or bedtime or anytime.

    My son who use to read constantly up until 6th grade then blink he stopped. It crushed me. I know that someday he will go and enjoy books again. It's a phase…I don't care for this phase but while he may not be reading he is playing guitar like crazy..that is pretty creative!


  3. Hi Ellen, I too have a small pile by the bed along with my New Yorkers…and I also have boxes of my daughter's books up in the attic. Books I can probably still recite by heart I read them to her so many times. Beautiful memories…that and movie watching. I can sing each and every song from Beauty and the Beast and it remains one of my all time favorite movies.
    Thanks so much for dropping by.


  4. dear yolie, i am a quiet looker (a follower of the dishwasher's, and now, you) and ardent admirer of your artwork. i have a question; i just looked at the slideshow of your work, and i especlove both the stitchery called toe in the water and the one called little knitters. is that embroidery on top of trapunto–or do i have the terminology wrong? in any case, the simple line and the rich texture on the little knitters is just gorgeous.

    and, in passing, re: your book shelf and the portrait of you and your daughter. there you have it: if this were a piece of woven fabric, right there would be the warp and woof of life. the books keep us sane; the children keep us on the cusp of crazy.




  5. Hello Susan, Thanks so much for the visit and the comment and for liking my little stitches!
    The little knitters was a simple little embroidered piece before I added it to a quilt and that's why it might look like trapunto but it's really just my quilting stitches on top of the original embroidery.
    and yes, the books help but I'm afraid the child has sent me over the cusp into full on crazy!


  6. I love this post, the books, the photograph. You're so beautiful, Yolie, you and your girl. I don't know where things stand but I'm praying for a diminishing of the crazy.

    I arrange our books in size order, seeking visual harmony, but since i live with others, a measure of randomness eventually sets in, which is probably good for OCD me.



  7. Hi Angella, I like that you arrange according to visual harmony and yet accept the randomness. That's the recipe for a good life!

    I'm not sure where things stand either but there is a lull in the storm and I'm soaking that up while it lasts.
    Thanks for your good thoughts!


  8. i once tried to arrange the books on my biggest shelf in a sort of color order. it looked strange. now they're all messed around and i kind of like having to hunt through them to find things.

    i read “monkeys” too. because i'd read another book of hers called “evening” which sort of undid me.

    such a beautiful picture. you're both so beautiful.


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