It seems Lu has given up her night job that looks exactly like her day job (see photo above) for a job as night watch dog.
With my other dogs, gods rest their ferocious little hearts, when they barked and I was home alone at night, I’d get skairt shitless and wonder where the gun was. With Lu I know it’s a moth flying against the window or a leaf falling on the deck and I know there is nothing I can say or do to make her shut up and go back to sleep. Once she’s hot on the scent of something that’s pretty much it until she gets sleepy and forgets to say anymore about it.
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  1. Lu makes me miss my old Pearl.
    My dogs bark at nothing, nothing, nothing too. I have to tell people who house sit about this or they think they are constantly about to be intruded upon and murdered.


  2. the thing about lu is that she won't bark at strangers who come to the door. She'll look up for a sec and then lay back down and start snoring. If we open the door, she runs to bring whoever it is her toy. this barking thing is new. she's only ever barked about three times in her whole life!


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