cultivating acceptance

It’s been a wild week. Make that three weeks. No wait, make that 4 years.
Ok, forget it, more than 4 less than 1000.
My lesson for this week is to cultivate acceptance. It sounds so easy, so simple and
light but it’s as hard as anything can be. I think I accept things but then I find myself gritting my teeth and cussing in traffic, wound up as tight as a ball of rubber bands. This is a sure sign of non-acceptance and it creeps in if I’m not watching.
Obviously, I don’t believe everything I think.
Nourishing the notion that I can’t change the way things are.
I’m working on feeding that idea, watering it, trimming back the dead leaves on it and letting it sit in the sunshine and rain and fog.
Letting it do it’s thing, I can rest easy and wrap myself in one of my binkies and smile when I look at my silly dolls or Lu asleep on her pouf.
All is as it should be.

I'm listening

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