As of today I am pretending I don’t have a vehicle
in the driveway. I’m walking to the PO, grocery store,library and anywhere in town I need to go.
Please feel free to remind me every day as I am prone
1.laziness &
2. forgetfulness
This pledge/fantasy will only be in effect until the rains come.
We used to take long walks all the time but have taken
to the under 20 minute walk. Haiku walks. We would walk and 
talk and solve all the world’s problems. The change is mostly due
to Lu’s inability to walk very far and our inability to 
carry her home. 
Well I’ll just have to take her for a short one and then go on about my business.



  1. Or, you could get a dog stroller. Or a little red wagon. I'm sure Lu would adore being propelled around her universe by her people.
    If you got a big enough vehicle for her, you could carry the groceries along with her.
    “Haiku walks” made me smile.


  2. Hi Allene,
    Yes, even the ranch! Though I'll have to work up to that. We used to walk from our house through town and up to the ranch, we were that awesome.

    Lu will have to settle for a short walk up to the Santa Rosa Chapel, she'd never make it to the ranch from here without a little red wagon. ;O)


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