Lu was a bad girl yesterday…
Had a bath and then decided to take another one. Without water.
A dirt bath. 
She likes those best of all.
So she got another bath and that one wasn’t in the tub it was in the
yard with a hose. 
She’s a movie star when we go for walks in town.
People stop and pet her and give her treats and tell
me about the bulldogs they know and love.
This morning we ran into a woman who stopped to chat and
she was one of those people who have never met a stranger.
She told me all about her dogs, showed me pictures and told me
all about her nephew Seth who had a girlfriend for 7 years but
how she left him when he lost his job and house on the beach and
how he’s baby sitting the two goldens and her neighbor has the
two shih tzus and how she’ll have to take care of his new girlfriend’s
bulldog when they go on their cruise and…..
you get the picture.
Lu had to come home and take a nap…
but I didn’t. 
I loved this woman.
I loved everything about her. 
Her colorful blouse and black
cropped pants, her knock you down on your ass Bronx accent, how she 
wasn’t the least bit afraid to be who she is and how refreshing that is.
We talked about how beautiful it is here and how she’d love to move here but can’t afford to
but that maybe when her husband kicks it she can use the insurance for a small 
How free and wonderful is that? 
A woman with a wicked sense of humor who isn’t afraid to use it.
She made me happy.
Thank you lady in front of the antique store.


  1. There is something about Lu that speaks to my heart.

    She is splendid and comical and at times, pornographic (in repose).

    She makes me smile deep inside.

    Her dirt bath reminds me of my family's dog, the dearly beloved and long departed, Tootsie, who would slip from the grip of a towel after a bath and run for the farmer's field to roll in manure. She couldn't help herself. She didn't want to be clean.

    Thank you for sharing Lu.

    And thank you for sharing that lovely Bronx woman, too. I've always envied those folks who could live their lives that openly, that totally out loud.


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