Friday in the Garden…

I’ve committed to spend some time each day working in the garden. There is so much to do! This space has become too big for us to manage but taking small steps feels better than throwing in the towel in defeat and bit by bit, the work gets done.

The old shoes planted with succulents have held up well through the years…

We’ve cleaned up the back pretty well and the plum tree is loading up with buds and flowers.

The Jasmine vine around the bench is completely out of control.

A few Calendula stiil show up every year but not like before. I was so happy to see these.

The prayer flags in front of the little studio are faded and tattered and the daffodils are just about done.

and this year an intrepid explorer has joined in the fun. It makes working in the yard fun again.

All pictures taken with Instagram.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. yoBOBE, i tried to comment on your photo creation for dallas bound, but couldn't make the comment register. if possible, i would like very much to use the illustration for the cover of my new book. i can't pay for the privilege but would cite you as creator and owner. your work is always lovely, but this one is particularly apt for my volume, “keeper of the book, the barbara poems.” i would be honored if you permit me this courtesy. my best to you and scott. jim lineberger


  2. Jim, it's wonderful to “see” you here. I've sent you an email, I'm keeping my fingers crossed it reaches you. I am having email and commenting issues.
    Please let me know if you don't receive anything.


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