Charmed Life

It feels like a charmed life around here this morning. Daughter and grand baby snuggled up on the sofa watching Pingu, grand baby’s favorite thing to watch. Dog snug in her bed, the doves cooing just outside the window. The turkeys from the other morning, I’m sure they are real because I have heard them since, while fully conscious. They must be on the other side of the creek that runs across the road from us. I will get out of my jammies soon and dress to leave the nest but for right now the nest feels sweet and lovely. I’m soaking in it.
Namaste everyone.


  1. I can't seem to get out of the house today either. Ah. It's okay.The grandsons will be here soon and they will burst in with all that boy energy and want to go and do all over this yard and in this house and I am saving up for that. I will give them all my coins of this day.


  2. I've been feeling like I need to get out of the house and see the kids and grandkids and I usually don't feel the pull to do that. I'm happy to see them or it's ok if I don't. Just realized this week of violence must have triggered that.


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