Mr Chips Learns to Kill Zombies

In case anyone is wondering what the Tearful Dishwasher has been up to lately…
By the way….
I’m still struggling with this whole Reader thing. I have now started using The Old Reader, which isn’t the old Google Reader but something else entirely but very much like the soon to be gone Google Reader. I’m an old dog learning new tricks! It can be done though it does hurt a little bit.
Also I am still not receiving any comments via email. FFS blogger! WTW? 
I have a few precious alone time hours, a rare thing these days and therefore a little stressful. How to fill everything I want and need to do in such a short amount of time?  It’s so ridiculous it’s almost funny and therefore I’m going to take a nap.


Thank you blogger spell check but I will stick with Namaste.


  1. Dishwasher! How wonderful to see him with his grandson like that. They both look so absorbed and connected. I do miss your man's blog and art and fire but I like to think he is behind that screen killing zombies with your little prince. Love to all of you.


  2. OH ONO! How come you can't read RK??? Gah. Can you send me your email address? Tearful has my email not the Drizzle address which I've deactivated but the gmail address. Yikes. I did not know effing blogger.


  3. i'm glad to see the TD thrives, too! taking down the baddies. yay. and that boy – oh. and the alone time. oh. that's hard. but then suddenly you have so much of it and it's not that great. where's the balance?

    somehow found in carrying on, i guess!

    i miss the RK, too. and so much. but there it is.

    peace to all of you.


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