In the Garden and on the Internets

Things are blooming. The plum tree, the wisteria….the maple and the ginkgo trees are leafing out, the cerinthe is sprawled out drinking in the sun and I planted a blue hydrangea by the front door. The days are too short for all I want to fill them with.

As soon as I heard about Google dumping its Reader I started looking around for an alternative. I love(d) reader, it was part of my morning ritual.  Not being one to hang on to the bitter end, I bid Reader a reluctant goodbye and signed on with Bloglovin and Feedly and have been going back and forth between the two finding fault with both but I have finally decided on Bloglovin because Feedly erased two of my favorite reads (Angella and Ms Moon) and I didn’t even realize it until I hadn’t seen any postings for a few days. I thought you two were much too quiet…
I don’t know what happened but that just made the choice easy.
Bloglovin it is.


  1. I am glad you chose the place where I am! That it matters to you makes me happier than you'd guess. I love that photograph. It looks soft and painted. I love you too.


  2. Oh Lord. I have to do this too- figure out a new handmaiden to my blogaddiction.
    I am grateful that you considered me in your decision. More than you can know.


  3. Angella, The place just wouldn't rock without you ;o/
    Google is shutting down Reader in July I think. Time to start shopping around for another method of catching up on your favorites. Try Bloglovin. It's not perfect, but…


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