Scary Badasses and A Sweet Cacophony

looking at my last post I realize that some may have confused the demon reference. In Buddhism the demons destroy negativity and ignorance. they remove obstacles that can block spiritual realizations. Some demons are good! You want them around to do battle for you. These scary badasses are your protectors.

I need these guys. Full time lately.

The wind is still blowing. Some days worse than others. Early mornings are still. Or so I’ve heard, I am not conscious then. ¬†I stay in bed and stare out the window for a good long while, listening to those doves and the roosters and the cows and turkeys and the chimes. A sweet cacophony.


  1. Ms Moon…there is nothing else to do,is there? Other than walking that is. I agree with you there. Walking takes care of most things.

    Angella, thankfully those demons are doing good battle and the angels make appearances as needed as well. You for example!


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