i am summoning all demons today to ride in on this crazy fucking wind that’s blowing and crush, demolish, devour and burn all the bad thoughts and feelings away. 
it’s like that.
 i walked this morning, before the wind, and i did yoga. these good things did happen. i am taking notes and pinning them to the insides of my eyelids so I can remember about these good things. 
little man is down with a cold. not down exactly but unhappy and a drippy mess.

i’m going to make some chocolate chip cookies and study my auto repair book. i want to know what and where my hoses, transmission and coolant system are. i should know that stuff.

let me know if you need the demons over at your place so i can send them over when they’re done here.



  1. Oh, that's okay. We have our own demons. They suck. I'm sorry that Little Man has a cold. I am impressed by your walk, your yoga, your studying of the engine. Hell. You just generally impress me.


  2. I'm going back and reading your blog .. I just joined and getting to know you…

    So, without knowing your story, I just wanted to say … I've been fighting the whatevers … demons, I guess is as good as any label … for a very long time.

    I'm in full tilt boogie acceptance mode right now.

    I've also got a little man sleeping away right now … he's five months old today! I got off the road to be g'ma and be his babysitter … 😉

    anxious to read about your little guy … depends on how long he sleeps… ha


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