I’m fixing to break out of this cage soon.

I’ve been outfitting the Dragon slowly by slowly, day by day. I even slept in it one night to test out the new to me mattress. My first trip, from Florida was pretty hit or miss. I had a terrible sleeping pad that made my hips ache and all my stuff was higgledy piggledy packed and stashed. It was a good learning trip, as this one I’m planning now will certainly be but with more stuff.
I have spent alot of time thinking about what I’ll need and/or want but it’s hard to know. I know about the really need stuff like food and clothes but the rest of it….

I don’t know what it will feel like to not have anything to do or anyone to care for. I don’t remember what that feels like.
The plan is to leave on Monday and head east.

to be continued…

ps image is from humansofnewyork.com


  1. You can buy anything almost anywhere if you find you really need or want something. This thought soothes me when I am about to travel.
    I am wishing you godspeed. I am wishing you goodness and light.


  2. safe and peaceful travels, dear yolie. i hope you are taking a laptop or smartphone or something to keep in touch here as i will miss you horribly otherwise.


  3. Ms Moon, it IS a great comfort knowing one can find whatever one needs and or wants on the road. I look forward to finding things I had no idea I wanted or needed.
    Thank you for your good wishes!


  4. hi… a WGS pal told me of your blog this morning … I don't belong there any longer just on the conversations side.

    Glad to meet you … 😉

    oh, another word verification thingy… I'll try to read it hmm this was one was easy… you never know


  5. Ms. Moon is absolutely correct – you can buy “anything and everything” on the road. Last summer I stayed in Leadville, Colorado for a couple of weeks (lovely boondocking site) and had items shipped to general delivery at the Post Office. (12-volt charger for cell phone and Eternabond tape)

    I'm a little “obsessive/compulsive” and like things “perfect” before I leave. However, there is no such thing as “perfect.”

    Get out there and enjoy! 🙂


  6. Cheryl, I think it's because I've been packing for weeks and have lists upon lists….I'm not sweating it though, I'm ready, and just learning about this whole General Delivery thing is about as liberating a thing as I can imagine!


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