Doing My Happy Dance

I’ve spent the last few days arranging and re-arranging  the Dragon aka The Ommobile. I think I’ve pared down as much as I can. For now. Everything has it’s place all within easy reach.  I am ready except I have a couple more babysitting days and one Father’s Day to go before take off.  I can spend the rest of today playing with Monsieur Chips.


  1. LOVE the Simplicity pattern graphic! HAHaaaa… what fun!

    and playing with Mr. Chips… my little Adelle is here this weekend …. glad you're making progress

    oh, jeeez… that first word … oh, baruther… you sure you need that word verification business… okay here I go… 😉

    nope .. first one didn't work… on the second set … let's see…


  2. Carolyn I hate those word verification things too! only turned it on because I was getting a lot of spam.
    I'm turning it off. see how it goes…
    enjoy your little Angel Adelle!


  3. no, I let anonymous comment if they care to. in case there's anyone out there without a google/blogger account ;O/
    I'll do it though if it gets to be a problem.


  4. ah … well? seems that's where the spam gets in the most .. at least from three blogs I read ~ travel blogs… any time I comment and say I check the follow-up comments? I am still getting two people's anonymous spam stuff … they haven't updated in a bit.

    course I could always turn that off.

    Hope you don't start getting spam! hate that …


  5. Oh, I too love the dancing pattern girls! Too funny! This is getting exciting! Yay! I'll be looking forward to take off!
    I turned my anon off. No one but spammers replied on mine anyhow..


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