yesterday i went into town for provisions and to pick up my inverter adaptor for my chromebook. a nifty little device that lets me charge via battery via solar panel. i have no idea what I’m doing but it’s working for the moment and i am grateful for these enormous gifts! POWER! i love thee.
the adaptor was delivered to me via General Delivery to the Flagstaff PO. I had no idea you could get mail wherever the hell you want to.
After wandering old town Flagstaff, funky old bookstore, an Australian Happy Herb shop (not that kind of happy), little dress boutique and all manner of restaurants, I chose a funky old diner to have some food before heading back to camp. ¬†Unfortunately I forgot one of the most important things, water, so I will have to go back sooner than I’d planned.
Behold my camp….

It has changed a little bit each day as I move things around for sun or shade but this morning I finally figured out my awning situation and since it involves being tied to trees, it’s not going anywhere until I absolutely have to take it down. It’s bitchin. I am now a feral beast.



  1. Angella, isn't it though? I'm proud of myself!

    Ms Moon, it feels like home too, the inside has velvet curtains and an indian hanging with mirrors sewn onto it, candles, comfy bed. Yea, I got it goin' on. xxoo

    Mel, wish you were here!


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