looking out the back doors…

It’s been pretty freakin’ awesome.
this place is remote, beautiful, comfortable and I’m learning how to just sit. I don’t ever do that. I’ve always got something for my hands to do, always doing. Just being is new to me. 
It’s only been two nights and I’ve moved camp a few times already, nothing major, a few feet, just adjusting for sun and shade, trying to find my perfect spot and today I tore the inside of the van apart and re-arranged everything after visiting a fellow nomad and being inspired by his rig. Okay, so I’m NOT just sitting all the time! The other nomads are an eclectic bunch of very nice people from all over the country.  We get together for morning and evening walks but mostly everyone is doing their own thing. My internet connection is good but I still don’t have a way to charge my notebook and it’s slowly losing power and the pad crashes even when you sweet talk it and treat it right. It’s old and a little grumpy, like it’s owner. I will have to take a trip into town to dump trash and get water, maybe tomorrow or Saturday. 
Namaste everybody.


  1. LOVE IT …. look atcha … ! … ain't it grand.

    oh, you'll rearrange 5 gazillion times… that's part of the fun of building a nest … even changing sides or putting your head the other way … 🙂

    great fun and the not HAVING to do something is totally different when you do do something.

    you do something because y'want…


  2. this sounds freaking amazing. i am so happy for you. i dream of doing just such a wander but am too bound to the dailyness of my life. im not kidding when i tell your adventure opens something in me, a portal to whats possible and dreamed of. thank you. and glad, too, that you have fellow nomads to consort with. that view, omfg.


  3. You are tuning up your feng shui, it sounds like to me but instead of windchimes and bed placement, you are considering sun and shade and so forth, which is what it's really all about, I suspect, especially when you have wind-in-trees to listen to.
    Namaste to you, sweet woman. Be at peace.


  4. how do you find a Nomad camp? i want one. i thought it would be in the desert, but look at those trees.

    i wonder if i could turn my 95 toyota corolla into a mini-casa.

    i bet i could. now. just to find the Nomad camp…


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