More Notes From Camp

It’s gotten crazy hot here the last couple of days. Flagstaff is having record high temps. I drove into
 town yesterday for stuff and coolness which I found in a place called Bookman’s Entertainment Exchange where I had an iced chai soy latte and some greek dolmas with a dill dipping sauce. Gross combination you might say, but au contraire mon frere, it was just the thing. Sweet and sour. I also bought a one cup drip coffee maker to make my dishwashing life a little easier. That makes 3 coffee making devices I now have on board.
New people arrive, others leave.  The core group is leaving on Sunday and though I considered following along I think I may bust out on my own tomorrow. I spied some lovely creekside camping on the road to Sedona that may be just the thing and I think they have showers!!! I miss that. I also miss Mr Chips Ahoy! I’m having Chips Ahoy withdrawal!


love the bright red shelving and comfy reading chairs.

The Dragon/Ommobile

I’ve got it almost just right. The bed is surprisingly comfy and that bed table is one of my favorite things. As with all things, it is a process, a never ending adjusting and fine tuning and re-arranging of things.



  1. Mr Chips has so many nicknames, i love it. I'm starting to understand how nomadic groups form. I would be tempted to follow the core group, too, but then I might forever be part of a traveling commune. It does sound sort of heavenly. But so do the creekside showers. I love your freedom.


  2. I like the way you have the van set up. Looks cozy. And yes, it's always a work in progress. I hope the nights are still cool enough for sleeping. The new camping area idea sounds really nice!


  3. Angella, Mr Chips is rich in nicknames! I am flying solo today. Maybe. wish me luck!

    Texcyn, Thanks, the nights have been pretty delicious for sleeping and when it was too hot for anything yesterday, I indulged in a couple of naps.


  4. Your camper is beautiful. I'm working my way through an entire pitcher of chilled decaf chai trying to stay hydrated. And water conservation, yes… more a part of my daily life than I would wish, really. It's a humbling awareness. Life was different when water was brought one bucket at a time from the well. There's a beautiful documentary called Panihari: The Water Women of India. Gives one pause.


  5. Thank you A! Chilled chai! my kind of beverage. I haven't seen this documentary, I'll look for it on Netflix, thanks for mentioning it. This whole experience has been a beautiful awakening in so many ways. Are you a traveller or living off the grid? The water conservation issue can be a BIG one but one can adjust to almost anything.
    warm regards,


  6. Not traveling; rather stationary, but
    we're on wellwater out here, and my neighbors and I have all had to truck water in, so everyone's pretty fanatical about careful usage. And that's focused me on all things watery, everywhere, though especially in California. Sympathy to the Arizonians who lost their brave fire-fighters.


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