I am home. Though I made a quick and dirty escape this morning. Ran some errands and then headed to Kreuzeberg’s coffee house in San Luis Obispo. My favorite secret hide out spot. Good coffee, delectable looking pastries, nice ambiance and upside down hanging lamps. Also great artwork and old comfy leather sofas.

Afterwards I picked up my sunny husband and went to lunch @ the Smiling Dog Cafe
A sweet little lunch spot and yoga studio.

My time in the woods of Arizona is over but not forgotten. I miss all the nomads I met and am happy to follow along via blogs and such. I’m so grateful for that opportunity to meet them all and learn from the masters how to live off the grid. It helped to refine my own take on the matter and I am already planning my next adventure. It will be a bit tamer and probably shorter.

Home and family are all well. Little man has turned feral, he’d probably do well out in the wilderness. He’s got this sort of Watch OUt World! sort of stance that is a little frightening.  I pick him up in a couple of hours for the really scary part of the day where he not only shows his fangs but sometimes uses them.

Be afraid, but do it anyway.


  1. Well, it is good to be reminded of the wild even as we return to the tame. You should give us a picture of that fanged boy soon. I would truly love to see him.


  2. Welcome home! You sound calm at the core, and may it remain untouched, that calm. And if it starts to fray, there is always another nomadic adventure, now you know how.


  3. Miss Rebecca…
    I was only mostly gone. I linger and lurk…I am longing to make your quinoa breakfast cereal…the broth has me confused. Was it delicious?


  4. great adventure and oh boy do I like your Kreuzeberg's coffee house. love that kind of place.

    I have a couple I like to go to but nothing like your place .. I miss that… on a quest!


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