I had lunch today with my songbird friend. On the way home I stopped into her house to hear a new song she wrote. It was beautiful, she has written some beautiful songs. In This House, Wounded Heart, Hearts in Armor, to name a few. I sat there listening, looking around marveling at the many years I’ve spent listening to songs in that house. The countless meals and all that wine and the girls in their fairy costumes and wings flitting in and around us.  It didn’t break my heart like these things sometimes do.

After that I went to the market and bought some vegetables and a woman in a wheelchair was whispering something to me. I recognized her from a few weeks ago when she was selling pens on the corner of Burton Drive.  She needed a quarter to buy a couple of cucumbers for someone having their period because cucumbers are good for blood clots. That’s what she was whispering about. Indelicate female issues. I gave her what change I had and picked out some cucumbers for her. It broke my heart a little.
When I left the market there was a young man wearing a filthy toga sitting on the curb talking to himself. Or maybe he was on the phone. How does one tell anymore?

I drove home and I’m roasting the vegetables, soon I’ll go pick up Mr Chips Ahoy and bring him home and squeeze him and kiss the back of his neck and he might let me though sometimes he swats me away like a fly but sometimes he laughs.

See if this don’t break your heart a little…..


  1. http://amigoingsomeplace.blogspot.com/2012/10/big-sur-to-cambria-california.html

    Yolanda… I just saw your profile and wanted to look at your art .. wow good stuff! You live in Cambria!

    oh how I liked it there… the above is my post about it and there's another right after that…

    Went to the scarecrow festival! hah! They had a Willie Nelson one.. hahaa.. lved it.

    I'm about to listen to this video

    Good lord! you live in a gorgeous area…


  2. Carolyn, thanks for the link! sounds like you slept right down the street from me! wish we'd have been in touch then…this is a beautiful spot, I admit it.
    The songstress has written for all sorts of big names. Johnny Cash included. She can write her a sad song can't she?


  3. no kidding… right down the street. wow. well? I sure enjoyed it there. glad to know about her… love Bonnie Raitt and Johnny Cash. well, all music.

    life is supposed to break our hearts wide open… I guess so but why

    I think the whatevers want us to be happy. why are some happier than others? I have expressed an egg and sperm mixer meeting for my next go around in what ever form. I think we ought to have a say in such mixing. I really do.

    you heard this guy's rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow? makes me smile…



  4. Thanks for that link Carolyn, I have heard that guy, love his whole vibe.

    I think happy is a state of mind just like sad and the trick is not to attach to either. Like clouds drifting in the sky…
    They come they go.


  5. I was using the Old Reader but it died earlier this week and won't be back for awhile. I just spent some time putting my reconstructed feed into Feedly. I should look at Bloglovin just in case.


  6. uh oh. Sorry to hear about the Old Reader. I did try them for about a minute but then went to Feedly which I also wound up abandoning since a few of my reads mysteriously disappeared. Bloglovin seems to work but I also have things disappear on there as well. I miss the google reader, dammit!


  7. I have listened to Jude for over an hour now, her voice and her music are so good, and yes, a little heartbreaking. Thank you so much for the link, I'll be listening to a lot more of her music.
    I'm with Mary, little heartbreaks daily.


  8. Hi Mel, So glad you're enjoying Jude's music! She's a talented girl. I'm guessing you found lots more of her work around the web and you may have heard other people singing her songs. Plenty of heartbreak to go around.


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