Bees, Biting, Broken Cups…..

Little Chips has a biting problem. or I should say, those of us within biting distance of chips, have a biting problem? He’s just feeling things. With his teeth.

I dropped my favorite coffee cup, the one with the bee on it, slammed it hard against the tile countertop but it didn’t break. Until I had it filled with hot delicious coffee and it was tilted to my lip, dangling over my beautiful bowl of Irish oatmeal topped with white peaches and walnuts and drizzled with organic blue agave syrup. That’s when the handle gave out and again it came slamming down, this time onto me, my oatmeal, the table and floor.

                                                  RIP Bee Cup from World Market July 2013

A few days ago Chips was out studying the lambs ear growing wild in the yard. The bees love it there and he spends a little time each day watching their shenanigans. He managed to catch one in his little hand and he stood stunned for a moment before the screaming began. Now he goes out and stands by the lambs ear with a stick and beats about the bush instead of trying to catch them.

Here he is eating the first ripe-ish plum from our tree and studying on the bees.

The continuous fabric of the mind, the firing patterns of billions of neurons, the irregular and natural movements of the respiratory diaphragm, drinking cider, losing what we hold dear, sending e-mails to friends, all flow seamlessly into one unique life. This is our life.
Let’s not miss it.

Michael Stone
Awake in the World

Om Shanti


  1. love it. omg… he tried to catch a bee in his little hand?! oh the little angel! love the pictures

    and I know it's not funny but dang… HAhaaaaa into your deeeelicious oatmeal … love all that stuff… except I have not tried the agave syrup .. been tempted.

    I gave up sugar back in January, I think it was … but agave is supposed to be very good for us.. I just might try it.

    great mug… when that has happened to me? I put some ivy in the cup … hard to throw away a favorite cup.

    I write about my mind going on sabbaticals but the brain is left to carry on. That's something innit. The brain works by rote … the mind? hah


  2. Thank you for the pictures of the Biter Boy, the Bitten Boy. Ah, our boys, our beautiful, beautiful boys.
    I am sorry for the death of your coffee cup. If that had happened to me, today, I would have wept for hours. The loss…the silly loss.
    But it's one of those days.


  3. Carolyn, so true about the brain/mind workings,or not. I'm always thankful when mine shows up at all!
    Great idea for the cup, thank you and good on you for cutting out the sugar. I also gave it up in Jan, along with all processed food. Never looked back and never felt better.


  4. Ms Moon, Sorry you're having one of those days. Thankfully tomorrow is well on it's way AND it's Friday, not Sunday.
    I've mourned the cup and am now looking forward to finding a replacement. If only all losses were that easily processed.


  5. Rebecca, you and the boy have this great interest in common. He is fascinated but, now with a healthy respect. He loves butterflies too and has tried to catch them but lucky for them, he has failed. I think he will eventually succeed and probably eat it, or at least give it a nibble.


  6. He is beautiful and wild and almost scholarly in his study of the world at hand. I can imagine him tilting at the wind, wanting to Know everything. Oh Yolie. How does your heart stand it? Love.


  7. Aren't little people amazing and mesmerizing and beautiful? You are teaching him to see the world – what a gift! I love the pictures and I'm so sorry about the mug mishap. I've broken more than my share of my favorite mugs, I feel your pain. I'd be really pissed about the perfect oatmeal perfectly ruined too 🙂


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