Holding fast as time washes around me…

This looks like a good idea….
I don’t have the oxen but Lu is pretty strong…

sure she doesn’t like doing much besides laying in the sun but dangle some chicken in front of her and she can move pretty fast.
So these are the options I’m considering. I have sold the White Dragon and am now on the hunt for my third Bug Out vehicle. I have one in my sights.  Not the one shown above, tempting as it may be. The one I’m looking at has a mechanical engine and all the amenities of home. An actual home on wheels. I am positively ready to go! I am packed! 
I read this on Writers Almanac this morning…

Still Life

by Carl Dennis

Now’s a good time, before the night comes on,
To praise the loyalty of the vase of flowers
Gracing the parlor table, and the bowl of oranges,
And the book with freckled pages resting on the tablecloth.
To remark how these items aren’t conspiring
To pack their bags and move to a place
Where stillness appears to more advantage.
No plan for a heaven above, beyond, or within,
Whose ever-blooming bushes are rustling
In a sea breeze at this very moment.
These things are focusing all their attention
On holding fast as time washes around them.
The flowers in the vase won’t come again.
The page of the book beside it, the edge turned down,
Will never be read again for the first time.
The light from the window’s angled.
The sun’s moving on. That’s why the people
Who live in the house are missing.
They’re all outside enjoying the light that’s left them.
Lucky for them to find when they return
These silent things just as they were.
Night’s coming on and they haven’t been frightened off.
They haven’t once dreamed of going anywhere.


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