The other day at the Romulan Rehab a frail looking woman in a walker stopped her long slow journey down the hallway and beckoned to me with her hand. She was mumbling and no one else was around so I took her hand and tried to decipher what she was saying but I realized quickly they weren’t words I could understand so I smiled at her and tried to take my hand back but she tightened her grip and the more I tried to take my hand back the harder she held on. She was remarkably strong for someone who could barely walk and it was with real effort on my part that I was able to pull my hand back. That’s usually the part in the movie where the shit starts getting really scary, cue the scary music…

That place is freaky man!

Meanwhile back at the apartment….

I painted this picture of my abuelita. It’s from a tiny photograph that my mom had enlarged and retouched. There was some damage to the lower left hand corner so someone painted some roses there. I’ve been picking flowers and leaves from around the neighborhood and pressing them so I just added some of those instead of painting the roses.

I’m not just eating and fighting off old women! Though I do have some salt cod soaking in the fridge for tomorrow, stay tuned, and I’ve already finished my, use what I have dessert from the other day so I made some more today. 

Yes I did.
Ciao y’all


  1. Isn't it odd how you took to the woods to find some peace and solitude and now, here you are, in this enforced period of strangely urban solitude where you can find and press flowers and leaves, paint this beautiful portrait, cook?
    Of course, there is the Romulan Rehab to deal with too.
    Be careful what you wish for?
    Life hands out its surprises with very little regard to our wishes. That's what I think.


  2. good lord! Yolanda… sad and spooky. I ditto what Ms. Moon said. I was going to write something similar but she did it first 😉

    Glad you find peace no matter where or what you're doing… I'm about to have a Klondike Bar … jeeeeez I like Klondike Bars.

    Romulan Rehab… hahaa … I don't know how people survive without a sense of humor… have I said that before?


  3. Elizabeth, how funny you should make this comment. I am currently working on another painting…
    a picture of you and Sophie you posted awhile back. If I like it I will post with your permission.


  4. It's amazing the strength some of these people have! I knew this tiny old man, didn't look like he could pick up a stick. Was put in a hospital & threw a nurse through a window! His family was devastated.

    The painting is beautiful!!


  5. Dear Yolie, such a beautiful painting. I have the odd sense that you are in a suspended place, almost a bubble, the world swirling outside its membrane. I love that painting, and the pressed flowers on it. I wonder if there can be true peace while dealing with Romulan Rehab? I hope so. Hugs.


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