Birthday Mandala

Twenty-two years ago today, just a few miles down the road from here, I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl.  My partner was with me, in my face, breathing hard with me and never letting me go and he never has let me go, ever.  I’m a little sad that I’m not home with them today in our little nest, eating cake and smiling and happy that we made it to this day because there were times…

I will celebrate from here, I will make another chocolate concoction and put a candle on it and give my deepest thanks for all of it and send my beautiful girl all the bestest wishes there are in the universe and thank her again and again for being my greatest teacher and for bringing that wild rascal into this world for us to love and hold.

I made this mandala today out of all the leaves and flowers I have been picking here and there…

I have no idea what most of these are. I believe the purple ones are plumbago, the most delicate ones. The one in the center is an impatiens blossom that was laying almost in front of the door and I walked right by it before I realized what it was and accepted it for the gift it was.  One meaning I found for impatiens is motherly love.

Mother is doing better. Coming home next week if all goes as planned. We all know how that goes but I am keeping my fingers crossed, she’s about sick to death of The Romulan Rehab as am I.

Namaste Everyone.


  1. When I was a child, we used to pick those red flowers (and no, I am ashamed to say I do not know what they are) very carefully and pull the tiny filament (?) from the bottom and lick the tiny drop of nectar it brought with it.
    Sweetness that your daughter is your greatest teacher- my children and now my grandchildren have been mine. Sweetness that you had someone to breathe with you to bring her into this world. Sweetness that she has brought you the gift of that wild boy to love. Sweetness that we live in a world where flower-gifts abound.
    Despite all there is sweetness.
    I am thinking of you so much, Ms. Yo, and today with even more sweetness.


  2. How pretty, Yolanda… and happy birthday to your baby 😉

    you're greatest teacher… ain't it the truth. yes

    I love the way you look at nature and find ways to well, display it as your own…

    hmmm that make sense? I mean nature is there. and someone who can see patterns and use nature to bring them pleasure is a very nice thing indeed.

    nature likes to please… it's a beautiful HOT day here in Arkansas!

    I know you miss your wild boy … but you will never regret being there for your Mother ~ I never liked mine but I couldn't have lived with myself if I hadn't been been with her in her last couple of years. She died at 96.5.

    Sending healing thoughts to your Mother… may she continue to improve and you keep looking for the beauty…


  3. Your words take me to thoughtful and reflective places….circles, full circle, circle of life, mandalas and double numbers…

    Happy 22nd, Em…Happy Mother's Day, Yo!

    I carry your musings with me…

    Lovin' you!


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