It’s a positively comfortable 86 degrees today real feel 93.

I am still here. I am waiting for the Monk who will be here on the 21st.  We made these plans last year. I was supposed to go up to NY for a few days and I was actually looking forward to spending some time in the Temple but oh well, maybe next year?

Mother is home and getting around on her own, cooking her own lunch today after I made a lentil soup yesterday that would grow you some dreadlocks along with red burning eyes. Ooops. I thought it was delicious but for a woman with heart and blood pressure problems, a potentially deadly meal.  It seems I don’t cook well for others. I recently attempted a delicious falafel and tsatsiki meal to welcome my cousin and though I ate some of it, it was a hot mess I did not feel was suitable for any audience. Luckily she brought some food with her because if you’re Puerto Rican you don’t show up at any ones house without some food.

I’m reading and thoroughly enjoying The 100 Year Old Man who Climbed Out The Window and Disappeared by Jonas Jonasson.
from the book:
“you should beware of priests, my son. And people who don’t drink vodka. Worst of all are priests who don’t drink vodka.”

I bid you a great morning, afternoon and evening.


  1. Elizabeth, It's the GREAT and powerful Oz you're hearing.

    Sheryl, I'm so glad you're not a priest and Scotch will do nicely.

    Ms Moon, I am glad to hear that you are not harboring any priests in your home.


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