The highlight of my day so far, was the produce place. I am so head over heels in love with this place that I am thinking of moving here just to be near it. Last time I was there they had some pretty rare fruits like Durian and Dragon fruit, I was overwhelmed and with my mother and brother and the place was packed as it was today but today I whipped out my phone and clicked away. This place is a food paradise.
Here are some of their offerings:

Indian Bittermelon, they also had Chinese Bittermelon which were bigger and looked more like bumpy cucumbers.

I forgot what this is called. Spiny yautia maybe?

They have a remarkable selection of root vegetables but there were too many people to get more pictures.

In addition to produce they have an amazing selection of international food stuff like these oats from Jamaica.

Extra strength German vinegar via Korea?

Ackee from West Africa but apparently the national fruit of Jamaica? I see a chihuahua face in there, do you see it?

Tastee Cheese!

Prices are excellent. Sorry Publix, this place puts you to shame.

And it’s not just about the food. There are skin and hair products like this Gorilla Snot Gel. Extra Brillante or Explosivo. Dude.
On the way home I saw this place and thought “how cool, drive-thru green tea!”. Yea, not really. It’s a Chinese restaurant. So now I know where I can get some drive-thru Chinese.
My face and arms have turned a pretty caramel color, like my mom’s. I am trying to figure out a way to swim so that my legs will get some sun too and I won’t look like I’ve been dip dyed.


  1. this store looks almost as much fun as the duck blood store which carries similar items. I think you would love the duck blood store. I bought a box of organic figs there last night and paid for it all in quarters and no one minded not one bit. It is yam season and I've been steaming mine with seaweed and ginger root in the bottom with the water. It gives the yams this amazing taste that come to think of it tastes a bit like running on the beach which come to think of it might not be tasty to anyone but me.


  2. love going to places like that… spiny yautia? I may have to google that.

    sounds like you and your Mom are doing great… đŸ˜‰ haha dipped… I couldn't tan for love nor money.

    gorilla snot gel?


  3. There's an Oriental market in Tallahassee where there seem to be many of the same things. Also, the best fish and shellfish in town. And…I do believe they probably have duck blood. I know they have snakeheads.
    I could spend hours in there.


  4. Rebecca, I would adore the duck blood store, I am certain. Your yam dish sounds amazing! You can bet I will be trying this. I will have to wait until I get home though. I didn't see any seaweed at this place. Of course I could just go to the beach and harvest my own. Seems ridiculous I've been here all this time and not set foot on the beach.


  5. Carolyn, I don't think it was a yautia it was something else…I will have to check. We are doing great compared to a couple of weeks ago.
    Gorilla snot gel? EXACTLY what I said. I am going to buy a bottle, just have to decide between the two.


  6. Ms Moon, Snakeheads! WTH? Must be medicine…
    We have an Oriental Mkt in San Luis Obispo where I go once in a great while for some obscure ingredient and of course, I have to go down each and every aisle and study every little thing. These markets are treasures.


  7. We have a store like that around here, the Dekalb Farmer's Market. So much better than publix! And until you mentioned it, I thought that really was a picture of a chihuahua!


  8. I'm so glad to hear Oliver's favorable review of the Gorilla gel. I will be buying some before I go home to the land of one lonely grocery store with very limited items.


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