I finally made it to the beach. I stepped foot in the Atlantic Ocean. It was warm and lovely.  I’m so glad I got that done because it looks like rain for the next four days! What?
The Monk is here and we have already settled into a routine, the Monk’s favorite thing. I’ve never met anyone who loves organization as much as he does. If he weren’t a Buddhist, he would be an Organizationalist. I think I just made that up but I’ll have to check with Google. We swam in the pool yesterday and he showed me how to float so I can get some sun on my legs so I won’t look like I’ve been dip dyed. I don’t think I’ll have enough time to even things out.
Mom is doing much better, an amazing recovery. It will be hard to say good-bye though. She likes my being here even though I am not the best company. My husband seems to like my company also so I need to get home. Internet signal waning…


  1. I am so glad you made it to the Atlantic. It is not the Pacific, but it is a fine and sturdy ocean and one of great beauty and moods.
    Now. Go home. You did your job and you did it magnificently. Your loved ones must miss you horribly.


  2. Carolyn…I can't believe I actually miss wiping anyone's bottom, but there you have it.

    Ms Moon…It is a fine and beautiful ocean. I had forgotten. Thank you.

    Angella…yes. Thank you.

    Radish…I am holding…waiting for that huge sigh of my own breath.


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