I’m back on the left coast for well over a week now and have managed to unpack and make a batch of soap. Productivity level is low. Very low. I can’t believe I’m going to say this but…I miss the nauseating heat and humidity. I’m screaming on the inside at the thought of fall. I am bundled up against the gray skies and brown landscape here. There is a tiny sesame seed size seed of hope. I started knitting a sweater. Not much to go on I know.
The grandchild is huge and his unfortunate haircut is growing out. He swings between being a warm sweet snugly thing to a wild thrashing, screaming, hitting beast. It’s almost like he’s doing an interpretive dance about his grandmother. He is also a natural born organizer. He likes tidying up. He does it without being asked and sometimes without even thinking about it. This is a trait that skipped a generation and it’s a lovely thing.
I’ve joined the gym so I can swim because it has become an addiction. It’s a one person pool with adjustable waves. It’s pretty awful but that’s the thing about addiction. One will go to any lengths. Olympic size or 10-12 feet.




  1. Hi Yolanda … warm sweet snugly to a beast…. OH, lord?! … I forget how old he is… growing and stretching.

    He LIKES tidying up? oh wow… what must that be like… my son at 28 considers emptying the trash tidying up…

    What kind of soap do you make? the old fashioned 'real' kind … fat and lye? I tried my hand at that but don't have the patience.

    I did enjoy the glycerin kind …. nuking and adding herbs ~ essential oils … little shells ~ whatever. That was great fun.

    And swimming in a 10 foot pool is still getting her done. I'd like to make my ample ass walk 10' … that'd be 20' to come back… HAHaa… sigh

    welcome home…. 😉


  2. Hi Carolyn, I can hardly wrap my mind around his tidiness. His mother thinks the trash takes itself out.

    I make old fashioned fat and lye soap. Only takes about an hour or so but yes, then there is the 6 week curing time. I mostly forget about it and then one day I have sweet wonderful soap!

    HA! I hear you…getting up for exercise is a challenge. I'm shocked and pleased to have found I enjoy swimming so much it hardly seems like a workout but the scale tells me it most certainly is.

    Thanks for the welcome!


  3. How great to have a tidy grand! I am staying in a strange cottage with 2 of my grands and my daughter. I had to get up because i kept hearing a strange noise. as i sit here on the computer in the front, i think i've found the source – the refrigerator. whew. guess i will go back to bed in a minute. none of this bunch is of the tidy variety.


  4. Kristin, I've had that happen to me too! Fridge noise. It's diabolical!

    It seems tidiness is a rare trait, especially among the young with others to pick up after them.

    Hope you're enjoying the time with the grands and daughter.


  5. Hi LaVonne, Half the fun of making the soap is the essential oils I mix into it. The next batch I make, I will set some aside without fragrance for you. I'm excited for you!
    Bon Voyage!!!


  6. It must be difficult to swim in such a small space, but I'm enjoying the image of you doing so in quiet meditation.

    (And I'm glad you're back on the west coast, just a bit up the coast from me!)


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