Swimming in the bowl, Shopping at the Depot and Scarecrows…

I am not growing used to swimming in the fish bowl and I have started using some of the machines at the gym. I am now officially a hamster/fish. I don’t like gyms but as gyms go, this one is ok because it’s mostly a physical therapy kind of gym where the old and injured go so there aren’t too many desperate people trying to make their bodies fit the mold.

This weekend we took the grandchild shopping. It has become an increasingly difficult proposition. It cannot be done solo. It turns into something like this…

As a grandparent these scenes are not nearly as distressing as when one is a new parent.

This is Mr Chips at the Home Depot…

October is just about done. Thank the gods. This town is,once again, over run with Scarecrows. There are well over 200 scarecrows standing around freaking me out and causing people to drive 2 mph down the only commercial street there is in this town. That means a drive to the grocery store that used to take 5 minutes is now something one has to prepare for. Bring water, a snack and maybe a book on cd for the drive. This time of year turns me into a Grouch.  I mean a real ugly one.

If you can’t come to see the Scarecrows with the rest of America, you can see them here.


  1. I remember those terrifying shopping outings with my then 2 year old son. Nice to know one can be nonplussed as a grandparent! He turned out okay despite that reign of terror. Glad you found a gym that suits you. Much love.


  2. Scarecrow festival? That's a real thing? That's a lot scarier than a two-year-old's throwdown meltdown. Bless his little heart.
    You are brave and good to take him to the Home Depot. I mean it.


  3. HAhaaa… I mean not tee ha giggle funny but an empathic funny.. oh, me….

    I was there last year at the Festival… just loved it… Willie was there! haha… a Willie Nelson scarecrow… just loved it… how I wish I knew you then…

    Birth control… yep that's do it


  4. Angella, It's hard to believe your young man was ever anything but the perfect gentleman! I have this image of him as a young boy, holding doors open and being uber reasonable in his snazzy size 3T. Yes he turned out just fine, it gives us all hope.

    Elizabeth, Can you even imagine such a gym? It really is a one of a kind.
    Thank you!

    Ms Moon, there is too a Scarecrow festival and it is a whole lot scarier than anything. It is the boy's grandfather that will do such crazy things as take the boy shopping. I go along to supervise the proceedings don't get too out of control.
    love, yo

    Carolyn, I wish we had known each other then! I'm hoping for a next time.
    And yes…birth control people!!!


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