This is Halloween

I have finally succumbed to the cold that has had it’s way with every member of this household. I am taking measures. Elderberry syrup and massive amounts of Vitamin C. I am open to other recommendations.
One thing I find really disturbing is how I am feeling so truly awful and weak and meanwhile Mr. Chips, who is 23 months old tomorrow, the little guy who introduced this particular bug into our home, went through it without one word of complaint. He didn’t care that his nose was running like an open faucet or that his throat was sore or whatever else he was feeling. He didn’t slow down one little bit he went on about his business as usual. He is not a wimpy baby. I, however, am a wimpy grandma. I admit it.

I started back at my old job as Inn Keeper, just covering a couple of shifts here and there. There is a new coffee maker. That’s about all that has changed in the couple of years I’ve been gone. Everything else is exactly as I left it. I don’t know whether to be horrified by this. It goes against my fundamental belief that everything in the universe changes. It’s one of the four things I count on. Sunrise, sunset, dessert and everything changes.
Apparently the Inn exists in some other dimension. A dimension where a woman owns a rabbit and keeps it in it’s own bedroom with a little castle that it sleeps in and the rabbit wears rabbit diapers and the woman has pictures of it on her phone, many many pictures, and she is not the least bit embarrassed or shy about showing them to you and her husband sits and stares into space as she does so and you wonder, is this really happening? And then you look it up on the Internets and sure enough, someone makes and sells rabbit diapers. And chicken ones too.
Where is your god now?


  1. Oh Ms. Yo. This might be my favorite post of yours so far.
    I hope you feel better soon. My personal belief is that no supplements actually help hasten a cold's end. Warm liquids, lots of them, rest.
    Take care of yourself.
    I am a wimpy grandmother too.


  2. Radish, the dog isn't scary though. ok. he is a little scary.

    Angella, Talk about perfect posts…I loved your Mindfulness post this morning.

    Ms Moon, It's the dog pic right? That face makes for a favorite post.
    I've never believed in supplements working either but I am pretending that they do.
    Love from one wimpy grandmother to another though wimpy is not a word I would ever ever use to describe you!


  3. If you begin taking the Chinese herb Yin Chao right when you get symptoms, it can drastically shorten your cold and make your symptoms less severe. The time to take it, though, is when you have that feeling “am I sick? no! I can't be sick!” etc.

    I love the creepy rabbit stuff. Have you seen the blogger Susan Landry's incredible rabbit head costume?


  4. I find that garlic eaten when you first start feeling you might be catching cold, stop it in it's tracks. That would be a clove with each meal until you've felt fine for 24 hours or so. I keep meaning to keep eating it all the time but forget.


  5. Kristin, Thanks for the garlic tip. It's a staple in my diet so I can easily follow this remedy. My mom also uses it to bring down her blood pressure. Plus, everything tastes better with garlic. Except maybe toothpaste.


  6. Don't know how I missed this post! I'm 112 years old and have never … ever … heard of rabbit diapers.

    chicken diapers? get out. what the hell do you diaper a rabbit or chicken for?

    well, I mean obviously to catch their pee and such but … why would you have a rabbit or chicken that needed it's potty and pee caught?

    that's funny. I gotta google chicken diapers…

    HAHAaaaaaa … chicken diapers…

    hiss on your old cold!


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