Yoga Props and El Viejo gets a Makeover

For those of you using props to practice yoga, I hereby recommend one you may not have considered. An almost two year old boy. He is strong, brave, flexible and game for supporting you wherever you may need him and even in places where you don’t.

He is available weekends. He has other shit to do during the week. He is one very busy almost two year old.

The tear down of the new Bug Out mobile has begun and it has been named, El Viejo. It’s a he, there’s no doubt even though he was wearing lace curtains, he has a sweet soft side. He was (and still is but not for long) draped in plaid. 1980’s brown and gold plaid. The brown carpeting was installed with some kind of alien staples that require dynamite to remove though the $10 crow bar I bought at the home depot is working. Slowly.

Gaze upon him in all his original plaid glory….

Note the lovely autumn harvest gold refrigerator and the gold toned floral wallpaper and the gold clock which is still ticking! Somebody really liked gold.

And here we have Mr Chips about to get in the driver’s seat and mess with every single button and knob he can reach so that when you start the engine, everything is already on and blinking. Radio, wipers, turn signals. Woo hooo!!!!
He’s also available for this kind of work on weekends ,if he’s not helping me with my yoga. He will take fish crackers and date shakes in lieu of cash.



  1. HAHAHaaaaaaas m'man! Mr. Chips… haaaa love it. fish crackers and date shakes… well? I assume you mean goldfish crackers but a date shake?? wow… that sounds good.

    Anxiously awaiting your remodeling posts… I do wish I wasn't such a clutz and don't know how to do anything remodely … yes that's a word … kinda kid


  2. I can send you some before and after pics if you want….molliedog1atmsndotcom You can delete this comment…It looks to me like the dolphin is in pretty good shape but our main concern is safety on the road…most of these old trailers are literally falling apart at the seems and full of dry rot which you can't see unless you take the skin off. Don't want to be discouraging but…


  3. Angella, committed with a vengeance!

    Ms Moon, Back attcha!

    Carolyn, yes goldfish crackers and dated shakes! dates, bananas and milk of your choice. Give it a try.

    Elizabeth, The plaid is so outrageous, I was almost tempted to keep it. And Mr Chips is so fantastic that yes, we're keeping him for sure.

    Sheryl, I know what you mean about these old guys. That's why I'm tearing him up. We had to do the same with our old Sweet Lime.
    I'd love to see some before and afters!


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